Portuguese Case Deal

Next up on our global tour of wine making regions and as always - at a cracking case price we will be visiting Portugal.

A country that always offers great value as its wines are so undervalued against competing European neighbours and has a vast spectrum of wine styles. This case deal offers two great summer drinking whites (which I am assured will return shortly(the summer that is)) a Vinho Verde from northern Portugal, a stunning white from the Lisbon coast Azulejo white that my regular costomers will agree with me is gorgeous. Azulejo Rosé follows as does the red from the same stables. A Pinot Noir and Tempranillo blend that is extremely easy drinking, medium bodied and filled with bags of fruit. The flic red also from the same coast, similar in many ways to the Azulejo red and finally a big bold Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon Arragonez blend form Alentejano, an inland region closer to the Spanish boarder that has one of the finests wine making climats in Portugal.

All of these wines for the great price of £49.99 incliding free delivery across County Durham.

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  • £49.99