Domaine Bott-Geyl - Gewürztraminer Grand Cru 2011

The area of vineyard is 33 (not all belonging to Bott-Geyl)hectares at 220 to 270 metres altitude. The soil is formed of conglomerates and marl of the Oligocene period. The vines face southeast and thus it has a particularly dry microclimate (between 500 and 550 mm rain per annum), which is propitious for Gewurztraminer and Pinot Gris. They have scents of pomelos, pineapples and flowers. The Grand Cru Sonnenglanz has a terroir for botrytis (noble rot), which gives a smooth, light and subtle character in this vineyard. And once again, wines have an ageing potential of 15 years or more and advised of drinking no sooner than 4 years. Decanting is a must to allow the full expression of the wine through aeration.

(editors notes) Possibly the most full bodied and characterful of the trio, the aromas of dried rose or rose water always take some getting use to but becomes a delightful tell-tale of the grape. Very versatile from a food pairing point of view, my favourite is probably steak. Fillet steak topped with fois gras if you are feeling decadent but a good sirloin will do the job. A lot of other red meats will pair excellently with this wine but so will crab and shrimp and if cheese is your thing. Consider Epoisses de Bourgogne.

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Delivered to: Darlington and surrounding villages, Newton Aycliffe, School Aycliffe, Durham.

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