Beau Constantia ‘Pierre’ Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon

This is an excelent example of what Semillon Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc can do together in this classic blend.

The marriage of the rich, texture Semillon with its bees wax, honeysuckle aromas and the Sauvignon with its blend of herbacesous 'pee shoot' and ripe tropical fruit flavours (mango, guava) make for an expressive wine.

The textures and ballance on the pallate shows a lot of class and restraint

Delivered as part of a case of 6 minimum in Darlington and surrounding area for FREE and with 10% off £50 or more, mixable using code LIC9YZEM

Delivered to: Darlington and surrounding villages, Newton Aycliffe, School Aycliffe, Durham.

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