A French wine region sandwiched betweem Burgundy and Switzerland making wines of distinction as well as vin jaune – a sort of Sherry style of wine – its sparkling ‘cremants’ are excellent also.

New in store at Frivolity Bottle Shop we have Domaine Badoz – Wine maker Benoit Badoz is a tenth generation vigneron whose family has inhabited the domaine and vineyards since 1659.

We look at here; a Cotes du Jura Chardonnay, Cotes du Jura Blanc ‘Arogance’, Arbois ‘Puppillon’ Rouge Pinot Noir, Cremant du Jura Blancs de Blancs Brut and Cremant du Jura Rosé Brut.

It’s worth reminding ourselves that Jura borders with Burgundy and thus shares similar geological traits. The continental climate almost without fail gives a long growing season with warm summer months. It is then no surprise either that the favoured grape varieties are ‘Burgundian’ – Chardonnay and Pinot Noir’.

Precise vineyard practices and minimal intervention winemaking methods are the method by which ‘Badoz’ raise the bar and they fond of the odd oak barrel as well for developing the wines through careful cellar ageing.

The Arrogance in particular is a 100% Chardonnay aged in Burgundian ‘tonneaux’ (barrels) and not to be overlooked for the Burgundy enthusiast as a pleasant surprise in quality and in the wallet. The Cotes du Jura both white and red are equally good value and I feel rival that of the entry level Burgundy.

The ‘cremants’ because of the native varieties used again offer a full expression of flavour that go beyond – in terms of ripeness of fruit – that of Champagne and again leave you wondering why you would fork out extra for the latter.

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